Android developers could be next target for patent firm Lodsys

Android developers could be next target for patent firm Lodsys

Patent holding company Lodsys caused a stir recently when it demanded money from iOS developers using in-app payments, something it holds a patent for. Now it appears that Android developers could be next in line for a stern email from the firm.

Android Community has spotted one developer who is claiming to have received a request for payment in relation to integrating in-app payments into an Android app. If true, it could stir up another hornet’s nest of anger in the development community.

Apple came down on the side of developers when Lodsys went after the iOS community, stating that its own license from Lodsys covered third parties too. So, what about other operating systems? In a recent Q&A on its website, Lodsys stated that Google and Microsoft are both licensed for their own products, indicating that third-party developers for Android and Windows Phone 7 using in-app payment systems may indeed become targets.

Are you an Android developer who has been targeted by Lodsys? If so, we’d love to see the email you’ve received. We’ve contacted Google and Lodsys for their sides of the story and will let you know what we discover.

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