IDAPT i1eco — The smartest charger you’ll ever own

IDAPT i1eco — The smartest charger you’ll ever own
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While the IDAPT 4-place charger might be the last one that you’ll ever have to buy, it might not be the last one that you want to buy. If you’re an eco-tech/green-tech fan, you’re going to love the other offering that I spotted today from IDAPT.

The i1eco is a true green tech charger that allows you to use the IDAPT modular charging system, plus a second USB charing port. It’s an even more modular design than the i4, in that it allows you to plug it into your wall, but then remove it from the wall plug to use it in your car’s power port, too.

It’s also considerably smarter than most chargers. Instead of continuing to feed power to a fully-charged device, the i1eco will completely shut itself down, so not even a sip of power is maintained. If your device de-charges after a long period of time sitting still, the i1eco will turn itself back on, refresh your device and then turn itself off again.

It’s made from 100-percent recycled material, so you should feel pretty good about buying it. The price? A pretty standard $25 that you’d see from any other higher-end charging solution.

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