4 hot concept phones give clues to mobile’s future [Video]

4 hot concept phones give clues to mobile’s future [Video]
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Mobiles don’t change their shape all that much. For years we’ve had clamshells, candy bars, sliders and the like. In fact, most new things get completely blown off by the major players, but sometimes what we see are the cool results that come out of the “10 percent time” of a designer’s schedule.

Walking the floor at CTIA, I had the chance to meet with one of the designers from Kyocera. What he has to show us are some of the coolest concept phones that I’ve seen yet. From ceramics that amplify sound to liquid metal that shapes itself depending on the sound of someone’s voice, these might be the future of mobile.

Even if they’re not, it’s still an incredibly cool look at the ideas that have come to life from a designer’s mind.

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