Solar film: An amazing new way to charge your phone

Solar film: An amazing new way to charge your phone

If you have an army of touchscreen gadgets but you’re always failing to charge them before you leave the house, a French company has a helpful product for you.

Wysips, a startup based in France may have developed the best solution we’ve ever seen for charging up your devices by simply putting a film on the screen.

This very new technology works by sticking a non-obtrusive, solar transparent “photovoltaic” film that covers the screen and achieves a full charge in six hours using a typical phone, according to Wysips. It apparently won’t diminish the quality or brightness of an LCD. In future iterations of the product Wysips claims it will retain a charge for 30 minutes by charging it for one hour.

Film charger

The solar film continuously charges by capturing light as energy. It’s not just limited to the sun, it grabs energy from nearby light sources as well.

Wysips’ technology is cheap and will merely add a dollar to the cost of manufacturing a device. This product will bring serious value to consumers so we’re hoping it will be mass adopted by companies such as Apple and Google. The company stated it hopes to be shipping within 1 year. What are your thoughts?

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