PC World prices Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xoom at £449, then pulls it

PC World prices Wi-Fi-only Motorola Xoom at £449, then pulls it

UK computer retailer PC World finally revealed the price at which it would offer the Android Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom tablet this morning, only to pull it just minutes later.

PC World has created a splash page for the Motorola Xoom, advertising the impressive array of features that the tablet possesses. At the bottom of the page, PC World advertised the tablet at a surprising £449.99, which comes in £60 (and a penny) less than the equivalent iPad model.

This pricing structure places the Xoom right between the 16GB and 32GB models of the iPad, offering some very real competition to Apple (if the pricing remains the same after Apple’s iPad event tomorrow).

Unfortunately, PC World pulled the price and its pre-order button soon after it customers started flocking to the site, replacing it with filler text stating “For more information, come back soon”. This leads us to think that the price could be subject to change – although we certainly hope they don’t.

We will wait patiently to see what PC World has in store for the Motorola Xoom and update accordingly.

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