Nokia N950 named as Nokia’s MeeGo smartphone

Nokia N950 named as Nokia’s MeeGo smartphone

When Nokia announced it was to partner with Microsoft, adopting the Windows Phone 7 platform as its primary smartphone operating system, its CEO Stephen Elop noted that the company was still committed to launching one MeeGo device in 2011.

GSMArena reports that Nokia’s CTO Rich Green, speaking at a recent Nokia Developer Day noted that the the MeeGo handset in question will be known as the Nokia N950, the successor to Nokia’s N900 handset, which has been noted for its ability to run nearly every operating system that can be thrown at it.

It wasn’t so much of an announcement, more of a in-depth talk about what is in store for Nokia’s mobile platforms and ecosystems now that it has ties with Microsoft. There are no photos, nor information on the Nokia N950, other than the fact the hardware will be “very elegant”.

News of the Nokia N950 seemingly spells the end for the Nokia N9, a device that was expected to launch at the end of last year and was subsequently cancelled at the beginning of the year. Green says that Nokia will still invest in Qt development fot both Symbian and MeeGo, as well as forging ahead with Java on Series 40 for developing markets.

As for MeeGo, the Nokia CTO can’t commit to what will happen with the MeeGo source code after the device is released, stating that the company will “see how well [it] goes” when the device hits the market.

Green’s full talk can be found below:

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