First BlackBerry Playbook apps from The Astonishing Tribe emerge

First BlackBerry Playbook apps from The Astonishing Tribe emerge

Fresh from its acquistion by RIM back in December, The Astonishing Tribe (TaT) has started to detail some of the applications and features they have been involved with for BlackBerry devices.

At this years Mobile World Congress, the BlackBerry Blog team caught up with the guys at TaT to look at what its designers had been up to, demonstrating one app from the many they have already created for the BlackBerry Playbook.

The app – called Scrapbook – allows users to add media into their virtual scrapbook using four-finger multi-touch control in a visually stunning graphical environment.

For those that don’t know what the team at TAT do, they are the company behind fantastically detailed and boundary pushing mobile concepts, delivering new user experiences including, but not limited to, design, technology and usability. The company has established itself in a number of different industries from consumer electronics and the automotive sectors but will use all of their expertise and creating new and innovative ways to interact with BlackBerry smartphones and the upcoming BlackBerry Playbook.

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