Google VP Labels Nokia and Microsoft “Turkeys”

Google VP Labels Nokia and Microsoft “Turkeys”

Nokia has been dominating the press as of late – mainly for all the wrong reasons – but it seems to be grating on some prominent mobile industry figures, particularly at Google.

In reference to Nokia’s Capital Markets Day in London on February 11, where the company will reveal its strategic announcements, Google’s VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra posted the following tweet:

The two turkeys referenced in the tweet? Nokia and Microsoft – two companies that are expected to announce a partnership in the coming days. The #Feb11 hashtag denotes the date of Nokia’s event.

Ewan at Mobile Industry Review puts it eloquently:

So, Nokia’s definitely not doing business with Google Android in the short term then, eh?

Google needn’t be worried – yet. It has positioned Android as an adaptable smartphone operating system that can run on powerful smartphones and entry-level devices alike. Microsoft, on the other hand, has worked hard to ensure that Windows Phone 7 smartphones conform to minimum specifications.

If Nokia was to partner with Microsoft, we expect the operating system would only feature in its flagship smartphones as the company goes back to basics to assess whether its Symbian platform could still perform in emerging markets.

Of course, the partnership needs to be announced first.

Whatever happens, it is set to be an entertaining next few days, most likely spilling over to the Mobile World Congress event. We can’t wait.

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