Xperia Play Commercial Leaks: “Android Is Ready To Play”

Xperia Play Commercial Leaks: “Android Is Ready To Play”

If you didn’t think there was anything left to know about Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) handset, you would be wrong, for a new video has emerged showing us what looks to be a TV commercial for the device.

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Telling us that “Android is ready to play”, the advert is quite dark but effective, also showing a “PlayStation Certified” logo at the end of the spot. The game shown is created by Gameloft, we don’t know whether this is an Xperia Play exclusive or is available for general release on the Android Market.

All that is left now is for Sony Ericsson to unveil the device, or show us the array of games that could be available on the device when it hits the market. All will become clear once Mobile World Congress begins – oh how we can’t wait to stop saying that.">

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