TNW First Look: Evo Shift 4G [Video]

TNW First Look: Evo Shift 4G [Video]

If you’re watching the Android happenings lately on the US carriers, it seems like HTC and Motorola are continuing to battle it out for supremacy. Announced only a couple of weeks ago, Sprint brings us the next offering in its Evo line. Like the original HTC Evo 4G, the Shift is a 4G-capable, Android based device that uses WiMax to bring you insanely fast speeds if you live in a covered area. If you don’t? You’re stuck on 3G with WiFi where you can find it, but the phone itself is still pretty slick.

The differences are pretty obvious. First, you don’t have the monstrous screen of the first Evo. Second, you gain a a slide-out keyboard with a D-pad. The keyboard is one of the best that we’ve used, at first blush. Granted, we’ve not done a lot with it yet, but it feels great. If you’ve used the Samsung Epic 4G, the keyboard feels very similar. In fact, similar to the point of identical, to be honest.

Here’s a quick video to so you can take a look for yourself. We’re liking it so far, even if we do miss the larger screen of the original Evo. We’ll give you our full review once we’ve been able to take it for a spin for a few more days.

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