The Motorola Xoom gets a leaked price point — $800.

The Motorola Xoom gets a leaked price point — $800.

Man, that’s one pricey Android tablet! But wait, it’s not, really. First off, we need to be reminded of how incredibly sexy the Xoom has the potential to be. I say potential because right now it’s vaporware. If it’s not shipping with Android 3.0, then it might as well not exist. Android 2.x tablets are in the past and the future is actually making Android-based tablets look good.

And according to some sources, that look is going to garner Moto sales in the range of 800,000 units. That is, of course, until they find out the price. According to Engadget, the pricing for the Xoom via Verizon has leaked. The 3G Android tablet du jour will set you back a hefty $800. But is that really so crazy? Not especially.

Now bear in mind that this is the MAP, or minimum advertised price. That doesn’t clarify whether or not Verizon will require a 3G contract with the Xoom. Regardless, if you compare it to the 3G version of the iPad (which you still can’t buy directly from Verizon, mind you), the pricing is right on par. Oh, and the Xoom is rumored to launch with LTE. That’s a huge difference for a device that’s intended to consume media rather than make phone calls.

We’re high up on the list to get our hands on a Xoom as soon as it shifts from vapor to real life. For now, we’ll sit and drool over it, just as you will.

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