Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Suit Emerge

Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Suit Emerge

Two new Samsung Android handsets, the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy Suit, have emerged in clear (but small) leaked photos, showing the next handsets to carry forward the popular Galaxy range of smartphones.

You may recognise the Samsung Galaxy Ace, we featured it recently when it circulated numerous internet blogs known only as the Galaxy S Mini. The specifications are mostly unknown but it is said to sport a HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) screen, run Android 2.2 and feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, MicroUSB, 5MP camera, and MicroSD card support.

The phone will be known as the Samsung S5830 and it will is thought to run Android 2.2 at launch (although this is not confirmed).

Also revealed was the Samsung Galazy Suit, a device also know as the S5670. Looking to be just as small as the Ace, if not smaller, the Suit will probably be a slight variation of its Ace counterpart, providing a smaller alternative to Samsung’s larger Galaxy S smartphones.

Both handsets are set for a Mobile World Congress unveiling, we expect more information on these handsets to become available before then so check back for more updates.

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