Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone gets reviewed, the Xperia Play holds no more secrets

Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone gets reviewed, the Xperia Play holds no more secrets

The Xperia Play (Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation Phone) has been thoroughly outed, save a demonstration of its real gaming abilities, in various Chinese overview videos over the past few weeks and with the appearance today of a full review of the handset, the device officially holds no more secrets.

A member of Chinese mobile forum ePrice was able to meet a friend who had acquired an Xperia Play handset, asking if he would be interested in taking a look at Sony Ericsson’s Android gaming smartphone. Wanting to know more, the member travelled to Shenzhen and was treated with a full overview, capturing more high-resolution photos of the device and a demo video, writing a full review in the process.

The specifications match what has previously been leaked, the Xperia Play will feature a 1GHz processor with the Adreno 205 GPU, it will have a 4-inch FWVGA screen that is capable of delivering a 854 x 480 resolution, a 5MP camera, noise cancelling dual microphones and two speakers. The controls are exactly as you saw them before, the Play will also feature left and right bumper buttons.

Test units have all shown to run Android 2.3, this leak is no different, there is also support for MicrosSD, MicroUSB and there is a 3.5mm microphone jack.

Again, the only feature we still haven’t been able to get a good glimpse at is the official games supported by the handset. The PlayStation Pocket is in attendance but in each leak the gaming platform has been empty. It’s perhaps the only remaining secret involving the handset.

Below are two overview videos and the mother of all handset galleries, giving you a good feel for what the device before it launches at Mobile World Congress in February.

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