Opera previews its tablet-enabled browser ahead of CES announcement

Opera previews its tablet-enabled browser ahead of CES announcement

With CES about to get underway, companies are looking to generate buzz around their products and services before attendees descend on their stands to find out whats new in their worlds.

Opera is no exception – the browser company has dropped a 25 second video demonstrating its new browser for tablets – surprisingly named Opera for Tablets.

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The video is actually really dull, it shows a Samsung Galaxy Tab where we are then treated to the launching of the app and taken through a demonstration of the pinch-to-zoom functionality within the browser.

That’s about it. If you have used Opera Mini/Mobile or any other Opera browser on your smartphone, you will know the drill.

The video is intended to tease us before the doors at CES open, an event we are sure Opera will be waiting to demo its tablet-optimised browser whenever it can. The video is embedded below, don’t get too excited:


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