Bada 2.0 to incorporate NFC, better UI and web-centric apps

Bada 2.0 to incorporate NFC, better UI and web-centric apps

You’d be forgiven for ignoring Samsung’s Bada mobile operating system, the platform barely registers in market analysis reports due to the dominance of Android, iOS and Symbian.

Samsung has enjoyed success with its Wave range of smartphones, selling one million units in just four weeks. The electronics giant has new models on the horizon but it is also looking to bring its open-source Bada operating system into contention with the competition, announcing a complete feature list for Bada 2.0 on the platforms first birthday.

Bada 2.0, the current version being v1.2, will incorporate new features including support for Near Field Communication (NFC), improved UI and UX, SDK support for both Mac and Linux, security enhancements and a web-centric app platform that will allow developers to create apps coded in HTML 5 and FlashLite 4.

Also noted at developer conference was Samsung’s sales estimates for its Wave devices 2011, projecting the company would have shipped upwards of 10 million Wave devices in the first half of 2011 alone.

There is no word whether older Wave handsets will be able to get an upgrade to Bada 2.0, being an open-source operating system we assume that they will whether it be by official or unofficial means.

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