This year, one in ten Brits will do their Christmas shopping via their mobile

This year, one in ten Brits will do their Christmas shopping via their mobile

A survey commissioned by UK supermarket Tesco has found that one in ten Brits will complete their Christmas shopping using their mobile phones this year as consumers look into more convenient and portable means to shop online.

The survey, which polled 4,000 consumers, was aimed at assessing how modern-day Brits were completing their shopping ahead of one of the busiest online shopping days for retailers, a day dubbed ‘Cyber Monday’.

Mobile shopping has risen as consumers face ever-increasing workloads and busy social lives, finding it difficult to take time out of their daily routines to fit in a weekly shop or consider starting the Christmas gift buying. Retailers and shopping comparison engines are shifting towards mobile, offering apps and mobile-enchanced websites, users are able to search for deals on their commutes, during their breaks or whilst relaxing at home.

Tesco’s study found that nearly half of those polled would shop online using their phones whilst watching TV, one in six would look to buy something on their bus journey and around a quarter will search online using their mobiles whilst journeying to or from work.

Nearly four in every five people surveyed planned to do some of their Christmas shopping online this year with seven in ten admitting that online shopping was the best way to find and purchase presents. Interestingly, 36% of respondents said that using the mobile would help to lower their stress levels, as it allowed them to fit in shopping around their busy schedule.

Tesco is looking to capitalise on the increase in mobile use, in October it saw over 500,000 visit the Tesco Direct website using their mobile devices. Currently, Toy Story, Star Wars and Kung Zhu Hamster merchandise are among Tesco’s Christmas bestsellers.

Tesco already offers a shopping app on iPhone and Nokia devices. With its Tesco Direct mobile website enjoying sustained traffic, Tesco could be in for a very profitable Christmas.

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