Palm Mansion smartphone rumored to be packing 5 inch screen, February release

Palm Mansion smartphone rumored to be packing 5 inch screen, February release

For now, this is just a rumor, but boy, is it a juicy one.

While most of the attention on webOS lately has been on the Palm Pre 2, we also know that HP and Palm are working on a bunch of different devices including smartphones and tablets. One of those devices is rumored to be the Palm Mansion, an interesting codename considering the original Palm Pre was codenamed Castle.

Could this possibly be Palm and HP’s new flagship device?

A few weeks ago, some interesting information leaked out about the Mansion. It was said to have a 800 x 480 WVGA display and no physical keyboard. And now today, we have some more possible information about the Mansion.

According to a report by, the Mansion is apparently going to be a 5 inch screen and that it will be launched in three months.A quick glance at the calender reveals that to be February.

Don’t get too excited though. You may recall a little device with the same screen specifications. Remember Dell’s Streak? Many of you might not, in fact, Dell itself probably doesn’t want to remember it. With that thought in mind and the fact that the Palm Pre 2 is far from being a game changer, let’s hope that HP and Palm have something different or something else up their sleeves.

Hopefully this is just a rumor but don’t act shocked when you see a tablet style phone roll out from HP and Palm next year.

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