Apple’s iAd network coming to Europe in December

Apple’s iAd network coming to Europe in December

Apple has just announced that it will be launching its iAd mobile advertising network in the UK and France in December and in Germany come January, partnering with majors brands including L’Oréal, Renault, Louis Vuitton, LG and Perrier.

Apple’s new mobile advertising platform launched in the US in July and has since signed on over half of the top 25 US advertisers, accounting for a projected 21% share of US mobile display advertising revenue for 2010, research from IDC suggests.

iAd’s are baked into Apple’s iOS4 firmware, allowing app developers to allow for advertising within their apps. Advertisers can target specific apps to run their new marketing campaigns, ensuring users don’t become dis-interested with a certain advert due to its relevancy.

Apple will hope a European launch will help the continued growth of its advertising platform, a platform that in just four months has doubled the number of advertisers and given app developers an additional source of revenue. Apple notes that user engagement time is averaging 60 seconds per visit, an impressive statistic for a an industry where viewers’ interest is becoming more difficult to retain.

Adverts will of course be tightly controlled by Apple, launching with L’Oréal, Renault, Louis Vuitton, Nespresso, Perrier, Unilever, Citi, Evian, LG Display, AB InBev, Turkish Airlines and Absolute Radio

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