Palm Pre 2 to arrive in UK on 12 November

Palm Pre 2 to arrive in UK on 12 November

Trusted sources are reporting that HP’s Palm Pre 2, sporting Web-OS 2.0, is due to arrive in the UK market on Friday, the 12th of November. The device is currently available across the channel in France, and has been for several weeks.

Hewlett Packard has announced that the new device will be available in the UK, SIM free, starting this Friday.  The Palm Pre 2 sports a 1Ghz processor, a 5Mp camera, and a sleeker design than the previous version which will give “users the ideal combination of a vivid touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard”.

Web OS 2 is an evolutionary, not revolutionary, update to the original version of the operating system that came bundled with the earlier Palm Pre models. It includes true multi-tasking, updated applications for Skype, Facebook, and Quickoffice, as well as Flash 10.1 support. This update does bring it up to closer feature parity with Android, something that may give the flagging phone line a boost in the cutthroat mobile market.

The major online retailers have yet to announce pricing for the Palm Pre 2, however we expect the details to break over the next few hours. We’ll update this post when that information becomes available.

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