77% Of All Android Smartphones Now Run Eclair Or Froyo

77% Of All Android Smartphones Now Run Eclair Or Froyo

Google’s bi-monthly Android platform versions report is out, visualising the different firmwares running on Android smartphones worldwide.

Using data collected in the two weeks leading up to November 1, the Eclair (2.1) and Froyo (2.2) firmware releases now comprise 77% of the total Android handsets accessing the Android Market during that period.

A longer timeframe between Android updates has allowed manufacturers and developers to effectively “catch up” and provide a newer flavour of the Android operating system for their customers (although some, namely Samsung Galaxy S and Sony Ericsson owners, are still awaiting their upgrades).

An increase in Android 2.x platforms has meant smartphones running Android 1.5 are now down to 7.9% with Android 1.6 now holding 15.0% of the market.

With Gingerbread just around the corner, the results could be set for a spectacular shakeup. With an intentional delay between releases, Google will hope fragmentation is minimal and manufacturers release new updates quickly.

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