HTC Mecha Outed On HTC Sense Website

HTC Mecha Outed On HTC Sense Website

If you were to say you’d never heard of the HTC Mecha, we wouldn’t hold it against you, especially as the handset has only ever surfaced in a list of potential HTC codenames in the past.

Today, Engadget has posted up new references to the new HTC Mecha, taken directly from the company’s own website. serves as a web-based configuration and dashboard for new HTC smartphones, users are able to register on the site to take advantage of certain tracking features and location features.

If you went to register on today,you would be presented with a menu option asking what HTC handset you owned. Right now, the website allows you to select a HTC Mecha handset option, a phone that hasn’t even been unveiled yet. The stock image used to represent the Mecha is currently an old Hero device so we still have no idea of what the phone will look like but we guess that from the list of codenames referenced above, it will be a GSM-enabled Android handset.

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