Rejoice! AT&T launches Pay-As-You-Go international data plans for laptops and netbooks

Rejoice! AT&T launches Pay-As-You-Go international data plans for laptops and netbooks

International travelers have new options for wireless data connection of laptops and/or netbooks thanks to AT&T.

AT&T today announced their “DataConnect Pass Global” set of services which comprise 4 different choices for pay-as-you-go data packages on AT&T-certified laptops and netbooks.

The plans compliment AT&T’s other pay-as-you-go data services, with Data Connect Pass Global providing domestic and international data passes allowing users to choose a plan that fits their financial constraints while not requiring consumers to agree to a long-term contract.

According to AT&T the plans are:

“Ideal for international business travelers and vacationers alike, the passes provide data coverage in more than 100 countries, including Canada, Mexico, countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Available in 30-day session increments, packages can help travelers better manage their data usage abroad and at rates significantly lower than pay-per-use service.”

Data packages include:

  • DataConnect Pass Global 20MB for $24.99
  • DataConnect Pass Global 50MB for $59.99
  • DataConnect Pass Global 100MB for $119.99
  • DataConnect Pass Global 200MB for $199.99

To get your hands on one of the new DataConnect Pass packages, head to the dedicated site and secure your purchase using a credit card or a debit card.  In the alternative, customers can also bill the charges to their wireless bill provided the postpaid wireless account has been active more than 90 days and has no past due charges.

Further, customers will receive a courtesy text and email when their plan is close to expiring or when they are close to depleting the amount of data available with their session.

According to AT&T, set up is easy.  All that’s required is set up of a username, password, providing a laptop or netbook SIM card and device serial numbers, complete the billing information and select the desired data package.

International travelers let us know if this AT&T’s new service is something you will use?  Why/why not?  What alternatives do you use that you can suggest to other readers?

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