New Verizon Data Plan To Overcharge And Under-Deliver

New Verizon Data Plan To Overcharge And Under-Deliver

According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Wireless will soon offer a $15 a month data plan to its customers that will supply them with 150 megabytes of data every month.

In a surprising move the company will keep its unlimited plan at its current rate $30 a month, creating a somewhat ridiculous price tiering setup in which people will pay 10 cents per megabyte under the less costly plan, and marginally nothing per megabyte under the unlimited plan.

AT&T recently removed its unlimited data plan option for new customers.

This new Verizon plan can be put in context of a recently rumored T-Mobile plan that should deliver 250 megabytes to customers for only $10 a month, putting the price at 4 cents per megabyte or 40% of what Verizon intends on charging per unit of data.

With both the WSJ and the NYT publishing that indeed the iPhone is coming to Verizon early next year, it seems fair to imagine this step as part of a walk towards plans that will be a good fit for the carrier’s eventual offering of Apple’s smartphone.

That said, whether the $30 a month unlimited plan lasts past the holiday season remains to be seen.

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