Microsoft To Spend $1 Billion Promoting Windows Phone 7 and Kinect

Microsoft To Spend $1 Billion Promoting Windows Phone 7 and Kinect

According to AllThingsD, Microsoft will almost singlehandedly bring the advertising industry of its lull by investing around $1 billion in making sure its Windows Phone 7 operating system and Kinect Xbox accessory get the best possible launch sales when they hit worldwide markets.

It is thought that over $400 million will be spent popularising Windows Phone 7 in an attempt to claim back a share of the smartphone market from Apple, Nokia, Google and RIM. The mobile operating system is due to launch in selected European countries on the October 22, with a North American launch coming in early November.

Microsoft will also focus attention on its new Kinect accessory, a hands-free sensory device that allows Xbox players to interact with games using their movements without additional tools or accessories. Upwards of $500 million will be poured into marketing the platform by Microsoft, the Redmond-based company hopes it can beat off competition from Sony and Nintendo, which both offer their own sensory gaming platforms.

According to AllThingsD, some examples of what the money will be spent on include:

  • Burger King promotion
  • Pepsi promotion
  • Kellogg’s cereal promotion
  • YouTube home page takeover
  • Ad buys on Nickelodeon, Disney sites
  • Ad buys on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and Fox’s “Glee”
  • Ad buys on Time Inc.’s People and InStyle
  • Times Square event

From what we have seen so far, the Windows Phone 7 marketing campaign looks to be off to a good start, judging by its TV commercials. With so much money being spent on just mobile marketing, Microsoft really can’t afford to have its new OS go the same way as the KIN.

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