Sony Ericsson To Unveil Windows Phone 7 Handsets In 2011

Sony Ericsson To Unveil Windows Phone 7 Handsets In 2011

Despite posting revenues short of industry estimates, Sony Ericsson turned a third-quarter profit of 49 million Euros, a dramatic turnaround from a loss of 164 million it posted just a year previous, helped largely by the adoption of the Android operating system on some of its phones earlier in the year.

Sony Ericsson currently holds a 19% revenue share of the total Android market but according to its CEO Bert Nordberg, the company will look to Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system after dropping the Symbian OS for its lack of “ecosystem” when compared to Android.

Nordberg didn’t give much in the way of details, other than to state that that the company would look to launch Windows Phone 7-enabled phones in 2011.

Sony Ericsson will look to keep its focus on the smartphone market with Nordberg believing the featurephone market is in for a tough time. By selling current stock and avoiding “fire sales” Sony Ericsson was able to concentrate on profit and not shifting units as quickly or as cheaply as possible.

Sony Ericsson has been somewhat slow keeping its current Android handsets running the latest firmwares, it will need to look after its existing customers before it aims to crack the market with both Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

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