London Tube travellers to get 48-hour loans of Samsung Galaxy Tab

London Tube travellers to get 48-hour loans of Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you are one of the millions of people who use the London Underground every day, you could be one of the first people to get the opportunity to get your hands on Samsung’s new tablet computer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung is inviting selected members of the public to “Tube Test” the Galaxy Tab before it heads to retailers, allowing them to test out the device on their journey to work and see if the 7-inch tablet is as portable and easy to use as Samsung would like us to believe.

From October 18, a limited number of Galaxy Tab units will be available to testers who will be able to test out the device for 48 hours during a two-week period. The devices will be available from four Tube stations: Liverpool Street, Balham, Highbury & Islington or Ealing Broadway, the 48-hour period will be from a Monday, Wednesday or a Friday.

If you are based near any of those stations or travel via the selected places, you can apply emailing Samsung at or by speaking to a member of the Galaxy Tab team who will be positioned outside one of the four Tube stations. Registration opens at 8am on October 15, for more information head over to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab minisite.

Samsung hope that this initiative will give its new tablet device some positive exposure ahead of its launch on the 1st November, the only problem we see is that there is almost no cellular coverage on the London Underground, rendering many of the Galaxy Tab’s features useless.

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