Updated: Who’s Suing Whom In Mobile? [Infographic]

Updated: Who’s Suing Whom In Mobile? [Infographic]

Patents, no sooner are they being filed before another company issues a lawsuit citing the stealing of ideas or unlicensed use of its technologies.

You might be aware that there are a number of technology companies suing each other over mobile patents but until we saw the following infographic, we were surprised to see just how many lawsuits are currently working their way through the courts.

Big thanks goes out to Information Is Beautiful for the infographic, a guide to who is suing who in the mobile industry and the reasons why:

Update: The Guardian has posted an article entitled “Growth of a meme: how a mobile lawsuits visualisation evolved” which shows how research by both The Guardian and the NY Times started the ball rolling in regards to visualising mobile lawsuits, only for more talented designers to get involved and take the meme to new levels.

Take a look, it’s definitely worth five minutes of your time.

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