Google Voice Apps Will Be Ready For WP7 Launch

Google Voice Apps Will Be Ready For WP7 Launch

If anyone was worried about Google Voice finding no home on Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows Phone 7 line of phones, they can put those fears to rest.

At this moment a Google Voice app for the platform called GoVoice has already landed in the WP7 marketplace, and there could be more on the way. Developer Sean Kovacs who created the GV Mobile+ application that brought Google Voice to the iPhone has stated that he will be developing a WP7 application as well.

That means that at least one, and perhaps two, applications to handle Google Voice will be live when the entire group of phones launch this October 11th.

Microsoft is smart to not give developers any grief over Google Voice following the massive flap that was spawned after Apple blocked certain applications in the past. Down the home stretch to launch, Windows Phone 7 seems to be holding the line strongly. Let’s hope the team stays gaffe free for just one more week.

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