Nokia’s Ovi Store Is Clocking 2.3 Million Downloads A Day

Nokia’s Ovi Store Is Clocking 2.3 Million Downloads A Day

Whenever an app store is mentioned in the media it seems to always be one of just two: Android or iOS. What you may not have noticed is that Nokia’s Ovi store has been quietly growing into a behemoth.

Just how big is it now? The store is seeing some 2.3 million downloads every day. That works out to nearly 70 million a month, or around 100,000 an hour. To put those numbers in perspective, the Android market hit 1 billion downloads in June, while Apple recently passed 6.5 billion.

The Ovi store is seeing some 200,000 signups per day from users, showing that the momentum that it has demonstrated thus far is not cooling. Some 70 publishers have shot past the one million download mark, which may become the gold standard for the success of any development shop.

Don’t forget that some of the force behind the Ovi store is due to artificial financial steroids that Nokia is pushing into the market. In a move indicative of its desire to create a competitive marketplace Nokia is pushing $10 million this year to developers for their efforts.

It should be noted that this 2.3 million apps per day rate is a 43% rise over the app store’s download rate in April. The mobile race is too often stated as a two horse race, and that is just not the case.

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