A Closer Look At Dell’s “Looking Glass” Tablet

A Closer Look At Dell’s “Looking Glass” Tablet

When Michael Dell took to the stage at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco to unveil his company’s new 7-inch tablet, photographers were either unable to get a close-up of the device or Dell requested that no zoom lenses were used to take press shots of the new device.

Luckily for us, Oracle were videoing the whole event (as we would expect them to, what with it being their conference and all), allowing the tech community to pour over the footage and extract some close-up shots of the device without having to find the tablet on a barstool.

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Engadget alerted us to the video, allowing us to see that the Looking Glass tablet has a similar design to the Dell Streak, featuring a volume rocker on the top of the device, some sort of switch for muting the tablet or switching the screen orientation and possibly a headphone jack.

We grabbed some screengrabs from the video and have embedded both the presentation and gallery below:



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