HTC 7 Trophy and HD7 Announce Themselves Online

HTC 7 Trophy and HD7 Announce Themselves Online

The official launch of Windows Phone 7 is nearly upon us, it’s now around a month until we can finally get a grip on what handsets the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Asus are going to be shipping with the brand new mobile operating system.

HTC has stayed quiet, understandably so considering it have just released two new Android superphones. But, as the launch date creeps ever nearer, more and more details are starting to emerge of what HTC are cooking up for Windows Phone 7.

PocketNow managed to get a blurrycam shot of a new HTC handset called the HTC Trophy 7, a smartphone that looks to pack around 8GB of internal storage. No further details can be gleaned from the screenshot, although we are pretty sure this is not the HTC HD7.

Speaking of the HTC HD7, schematics of the device have surfaced, finally providing some solid evidence that the handset will make it to market. WMPowerUser got the image, a basic overview of the device which shows the HD7 will possibly have a dual LED flash and feature an impressive 4.3-inch screen, much like its predecessor, the HTC HD2.

The handsets are hardly unique, especially when compared with the Desire HD Android handset. That said, both devices look to be solid devices that will allow undecided consumers to get into Windows Phone 7 with a desirable and (we imagine) powerful handset.

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