Seesmic Web gets an update, multiple Twitter accounts now supported

Seesmic Web gets an update, multiple Twitter accounts now supported

Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic continues to push out updates to its suite of social networking applications, and today Seesmic Web gets some love.

If you log into your Seesmic Web dashboard today, you will now be able to add all of your Twitter accounts, synchronise updates across multiple timelines, giving you complete control over your social presence in just one browser tab.

To help users take control of their accounts, Seesmic has added some helpful slides to guide users through the process of adding accounts and getting to grips with identifying which account they are using.

Similar to Tweetdeck, Seesmic will highlight the account you are using to update, allowing to update from different accounts quickly and easily. Also included in the update is the auto-shortening of links, Seesmic has completely removed the shrinking options and now allows you to paste your link so it can automatically be shortened to a link.

And now, time for a quick quiz: ‘How will I be able to track which Twitter account I am on?’ No worries, we’ve got you covered. As we try to make sure you can rely on your intuition, simply click on the desired Twitter account and it will turn from grey to blue with the checkmark next to it. This way, we’re signaling you know which is the Twitter account you are posting from.

For example, a long link (shown below):


The update comes a great time for Seesmic, especially as the main website recently experienced difficulties after hackers managed to exploit a javascript flaw on the website. If you haven’t checked out Seesmic Web, now is possibly the time to do so.

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