Compared : Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Compared : Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.  Possibly the first, true, competitor to the iPad.  The Galaxy Tab, unveiled September 2 and profiled here, will reportedly be available for purchase through Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon, at an as of yet unknown, price.

The Apple iPad, in comparison, will cost one $499, $599 or $699, depending on if you purchase the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB model, respectively.  An additonal $130 is added if you want a 3G equipped model with available no-contract data plans for 3G service using AT&T’s wireless network priced at $15 for 250MB of data or $30 for 2GB of data.

So how do the two compare?  Here’s a nice breakdown of the devices from Skatter Tech, click here for the enlarged version.

After reviewing, do you think the Galaxy Tab is a true competitor to the iPad?  Why/why not?  If you have neither device, which will you choose, if any, when the Galaxy Tab is released?

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