Samsung Galaxy Tab to ship with Qik video chat

Samsung Galaxy Tab to ship with Qik video chat

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched in New York City yesterday, giving the US market a look at Samsung’s new iPad competitor and confirmation of the mobile carriers the device would launch with.

Also demonstrated was the Qik Video Chat service, a service that saw huge subscription growth when it launched as the primary video chat service on the HTC Evo 4G, a handset that runs on Sprint’s 4G network. The Galaxy Tab will allow users to take advantage of the dual cameras on the device, enabling two-way live video conversations via 3G or Wi-Fi.

If a friend, family member or colleague is not available, Qik’s service allows users to record and share their videos, whether it be video email, a social network, blog or even video mail.

Qik was demoed at the Galaxy Tab’s US launch:

Samsung’s decision to include cameras on the Galaxy Tab could help win over consumers who were unimpressed with the iPad’s lack of camera equipment, the availability of an Android FaceTime equivalent would be enormously useful for business users or consumers who have to spend a lot of time away travelling.

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