Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki resigns on eve of Nokia World

Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki resigns on eve of Nokia World

Anssi Vanjoki, one of the leading voices at Nokia, has resigned from his post as Head of Mobile Solutions at the mobile giant, one day before the company prepares to showcase its latest smartphone innovations at its Nokia World expo.

Vanjoki’s resignation comes just days after Nokia appointed Stephen Elop as its new CEO, ousting current Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo in the process. Many people saw Elop’s appointment as a much needed strategic shift by the company, focusing its efforts to compete with the rise of Android and iPhone devices.

The resignation will hit Nokia hard, especially as it looked to key members of staff to demonstrate its newest smartphones at its Nokia World event, held in London, starting tomorrow. The Nokia head will continue in his postion as part of his six months notice period, presumably whilst the company look to replace Vanjoki or internally appoint his successor.

It seems like a one step forward, two steps back situation for Nokia at the moment. We are going to be at Nokia World, we will see if we can connect with a Nokia representative and find out some more information.

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