Nokia N8 Gets Confirmed Release Date and Pricing

Nokia N8 Gets Confirmed Release Date and Pricing

We’ve followed the progress of the Nokia N8 ever since it appeared in a number of leaked photos, publishing hardware specifications, possible release dates and pricing.

Today Nokia has put an end to all of that and finally told us when the Nokia N8 will become available, citing an “end of September” release date with UK retailers, stores and carriers selling the device as of the 1st October.

The dates tie in perfectly with the date mooted in one of our articles, quoting a leaked Google Adword unit, slipping an early release date on the Nokia Online website. It will sell for £429 unlocked, with different carriers offering subsidised contracts.

Apparently the N8 is in huge demand and that’s the reason that Nokia decided to finally clue us in, I’m thinking it wanted to get in before the retailers did.

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