RIM in final talks with India ahead of security deadline

RIM in final talks with India ahead of security deadline

RIM will enter last-ditch talks with the Indian government today as it tries to secure a way for the company to continue to operate its encrypted email and messaging services in the country before the August 31st deadline.

The issue centers around the encryption used by RIM to securely protect emails and messages sent using its services. The Indian government argue that militants will be able to send encrypted messages that authorities cannot decipher, creating political instability.

“Deliberations will go on for the next two days and a final decision will be taken on Monday,” a senior interior ministry official told Reuters. A RIM source confirmed the meeting. “Hopefully they will come up with some solution,” the ministry official added.

If the talks do not end in a suitable solution, India will shut down RIM’s secure email service on August 31st, leaving over one million Indian BlackBerry users without access to the service.

Messaging services will be allowed to continue beyond the deadline after RIM said it could deliver manual access to instant messages by September 1st.

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