Intel and Nokia establish research laboratory in Finland

Intel and Nokia establish research laboratory in Finland

The University of Oulu in Finland is set to be the host of the first collaborative research laboratory between telecommunications and computing giants Nokia and Intel, where the two companies will look to create new innovations in processing and graphics services for mobile devices.

Initially, over twenty researchers, sourced from the local research community, will start work at the laboratory for three years, with some research activities already starting over the month of August. The first project will be primarily focused on graphical 3D technology.

The university itself is well-known for its focus on future telecommunications solutions, electronics and photonics, making it the perfect place for Nokia and Intel to establish their Joint Innovation Center. Both companies will finance research projects and additional funding has been sourced from Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

Whilst Nokia have not enjoyed sustained growth in the smartphone market, its handsets continue to dominate in emerging markets, dedication to providing the very best in new technology shows Nokia’s rivals it will not willingly give in to the likes of Apple, BlackBerry and the ever growing Android market.

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