Samsung Galaxy Tab Train-spotted in Australia [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Train-spotted in Australia [Video]

An early September unveiling is the most current esitmate we have for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it appears a launch could be all but confirmed after the tablet device surfaced in Australia, on a commuter train of all places.

An over-the-shoulder video shows the Tab in the wild but we are still no closer to knowing the official specifications of the device, understandably the telco employee remained tight-lipped about the tablet in his possession.

However, Electronista did manage to have a few words with the unnamed telco worker, where the tablet was referred to being “awesome” and “different” when compared to the iPad.

Imagine the guys surprise as he journeys to/from work and suddenly finds himself being quizzed by a tech writer from Electronista. I wonder what his company or Samsung will think once they see the video?

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