All Galaxy S Phones Get SIM Unlock

All Galaxy S Phones Get SIM Unlock

Things have just got a whole lot more interesting for Samsung Galaxy S, Captivate and Vibrant owners.

A clever observation by one of the developers over at XDA Developers has lead to a unlock for the entire range of Galaxy S phones regardless of what carrier they are on.

Initially it was thought that unlock codes were stored on a remote Samsung server but XDA member Dagentooboy discovered that they were actually saved to a .BAK file on the device itself, meaning that with a small script and a USB cable, a user could unlock their handset to work a a network of their choice.

The great thing about the script is that it does not root the phone, meaning the owners warranty remains intact.

A tutorial has been posted to the XDA Developers forum if you wish to undertake the process yourself, it will take around five minutes but carries with it some complexity.

As usual, we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by this process.

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