Is The Android Market Down?

Is The Android Market Down?

It appears that Google’s Android Market is down for many Android handset owners across the world, users are unable to search for apps or perform updates, leaving quite a few frustrated at the search giant for allowing it to happen.

Neowin noticed that the Market was down initially, and whilst many users were still able to access the Market, most were left with network errors as they tried to navigate around the Android app store.

It appears that the issue isn’t hardware related, users of many different Android powered smartphones have complained about the lack of access, especially on Twitter:

I have tried to access the Android Market on an HTC Hero and found I could access the Android Market without any trouble.

We assume that Google is either updating the Market architecture or there are issues with its servers. Either way, the search giant will want to get the servers back online as soon as possible so it doesn’t begin to upset its loyal userbase.

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