Android 3.1/3.2 To Be Codenamed “Honeycomb”?

Android 3.1/3.2 To Be Codenamed “Honeycomb”?

If Techradar are to be believed, Google will be calling its next iteration of its Android mobile operating system Honeycomb, the successor to Gingerbread, a firmware that smartphone manufacturers are installing on their upcoming smartphone and tablet devices.

At the moment the name is pure speculation, but given Google’s cake-centric naming policy, this could have legs. Techradar have confirmed with a number of different sources and apparently have seen references to the firmware discussed on other websites.

It is also thought that because Google are slowing down releases of their updates to reduce fragmentation and relieve the burden on app developers, Honeycomb will be an incremental update to Gingerbread and not a leap to Android 4.0.

Google, of course, do not comment on speculation and have not confirmed or denied the rumour, meaning this will have to stay in the “uncertain” pile until more details surface.

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