Microsoft Announces First Windows Phone 7 Games

Microsoft Announces First Windows Phone 7 Games

Microsoft has finally announced the titles that will be available for its Windows Phone 7 operating system upon launch, popular games that will be will adapted from console titles specifically for Xbox Live integration.

By logging into their Xbox Live account on a Windows Phone 7 phone, users will be able to play games such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Crackdown 2 and Guitar Hero 5. The phone will serve as a hub on the device that will highlight new and interesting games, as well as demos, multiplayer gaming, avatars and of course achievements.

Some of the major game development studios are backing Windows Phone 7, including Gameloft, PopCap, Namco Bandai, THQ and Konami, all hoping that consumers will be tempted by powerful new smartphones from HTC, Asus, Samsung and LG.

“We believe that no matter where life takes you, the best in gaming and entertainment should follow,” said Marc Whitten, corporate vice president of Xbox Live at Microsoft. “Windows Phone 7 takes a different approach to handheld gaming, utilizing Xbox Live, Microsoft Game Studios, leading game publishers, and innovative indie developers, to create powerful, shared experiences for everyone.”

Additional titles that will be available for launch will be released between now and the Windows Phone 7 launch around October. Once the operating system launches, games will be made available every week from then on.

Has the gamer in you awoken? With the inclusion of high profile gaming titles, would you think about getting a Windows Phone 7 device?

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