Amazon UK Gives HTC Desire HD A Premature Outing

Amazon UK Gives HTC Desire HD A Premature Outing

We have been tracking the HTC Desire HD very closely as of late, especially after we received an invite to an HTC launch event on the 15th September that seemed to confirm that the handset would eventually be unveiled on that date.

Still unofficial, the HTC Desire HD has edged closer to being outed before the press event after ElectricPig found that Amazon UK had added a listing for the phone to its website, quoting a price of £415.

The listing of the handset suggests that Amazon UK will offer the smartphone unlocked to its customers, although a release date was not added to the website.

If you try to visit the listing, the page has been quickly removed, proving it was a big error on Amazon’s part.

Rumours suggest the Desire HD will have a large 4.3 inch WVGA screen, 8MP camera, 1GHz Qualcomm Processor, Android 2.2, 720p HD video, Flash 10 support, 4GB internal memory and will be crafted from aluminium.

Not long until we know for sure, a significant upgrade to the HTC Desire will have Android lovers watching developments very closely.

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