HTC Desire HD Will Launch On September 15th, Here’s Proof

HTC Desire HD Will Launch On September 15th, Here’s Proof

Earlier today we posted an article asking our readers what they thought would be released at the upcoming HTC event held in London on 15th September.

With some inspiration from one of our readers, and a little play around with Photoshop where we amended some of the levels, we can now confirm that HTC will be unveiling its Desire HD handset on that day.

In the background of the invite you can quite clearly see the outline of a camera, what we didn’t see was the LED flash on the left (through the whisps of smoke) and a faint HTC logo. By adjusting the levels, we have altered the image, included a reference to a real photo of the HTC Desire HD and have embedded it below for you to see (click for bigger):

The Desire HD will have a large 4.3 inch WVGA screen, 8MP camera, 1GHz Qualcomm Processor, Android 2.2, 720p HD video, Flash 10 support, 4GB internal memory and will be crafted from aluminium.

We can’t wait to see the handset in the flesh at the event, expect more information soon.

[Massive thankyou to Vasile Surdu and his original mockup]

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