Another Samsung Windows Phone 7 Prototype Materializes

Another Samsung Windows Phone 7 Prototype Materializes

It appears there are a number of different Windows Phone 7 prototypes making their way to developers, this time a new Samsung handset has surfaced and is currently being tested in Slovenia by a developer named Andrej Tozon.

After looking at Andrej’s blog, it is quite apparent he has a long history with Microsoft, so it’s no surprise he has been sent a developer prototype. Twitter users have asked Andrej to provide more details on the handset but he has been reluctant to comment further as he will have been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before he received the device.

Unfortunately there are no details on the handset, only an image. This has been embedded below:

We reported yesterday that the number of Windows Phone 7 handsets in the wild had doubled in just two weeks, the deployment of these handsets might be partly responsible.

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