Developers Edge Closer To Enabling Custom ROMs On Droid X

Developers Edge Closer To Enabling Custom ROMs On Droid X

Custom ROMs on the Droid X were a distant reality a few weeks ago, especially when it was reported that the handset would irreparably damage the handset if a user attempted to amend the bootloader on the device.

All of that has been turned on its head after Android tinkerer extraordinaire Birdman maanged to find a way to get a custom recovery image onto the Droid X, opening up definite possibilies for full nandroid backups and custom ROMS. Alldroid got details of the hack…some of the outcomes are not pretty:

Using a hack discovered by the folks who’ve done all the work on the Milestone, Birdman has booted a custom recovery on his handset. The process is labor-intensive and dangerous if you’re not prepared to recover from a bricked device (and technically this bricks the device since you can’t reboot into Android at this moment), but it’s a sucessful proof of concept.

Right now he’s working on getting ADB up so we can further investigate what it will take to get a fully functional recovery working (that will also allow reboot back into Android).

From there the focus will move to a more robust recovery and discovery if/how we can do Nandroids and/or write a new /System image (like Froyo)

Now, dear readers, you must wait. There’s going to be a good few days of testing, re-evaluation and more tinkering. If you can’t wait, keep up with Birdman’s progress by way of his Twitter account.

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