Nokia N8 To Launch In UK On 26th August?

Nokia N8 To Launch In UK On 26th August?

Nokia might be launching its N8 smartphone in the UK as soon as the 26th of August if online retailers are to be believed.

ITProPortal has found evidence on both Mobilefun and Play, where the websites are offering the handset to preorder SIM free; Play placing a release date of August 31st and Mobilefun looking to fulfil orders as soon as August 26th. Both websites are advertising the handset for around £420, pricing it higher than premium HTC handsets but lower than Apple’s iPhone 4.

Vodafone also has the device on its website but does not provide any dates or pricing, asking customers to register for updates. Play’s later release date could be intentional, allowing the retailer to receive all of its stock and fulfil all of its pre-orders.

Nokia is yet to formally announce a release date for the device, which was originally slated for July, meaning the above dates will have to suffice until Nokia decide to become more forthcoming.

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