Install Flash On Your iPhone 4/3GS The Easy Way

Install Flash On Your iPhone 4/3GS The Easy Way

Yesterday, we reported that enterprising developers had successfully managed to enable Flash on the iPhone.

The process was quite intensive, requiring you to enable SSH and connect to your device using a dedicated SCP/FTP client.

If the steps were a little too intimidating for you, I bring good news. Germany-based Apple site have combined all of the steps required to enable Flash on your iPhone 4/3GS and released a Cydia package by way of their own repository.

Installing this package will not enable Flash on your iPhone 3G due to its processor architecture (it will only work on ARMv7 processors) and of course requires a jailbroken iPhone.

The following steps (courtesy of RewriteTech) literally take a couple of minutes and consist of three easy steps:

  1. Open Cydia > Manage > Sources
  2. Edit source and add
  3. Search Frash and install it.

Once you have done this, Flash will now run on your iPhone. To enable Flash content, visit a website and tap the content to enable it.

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