HTC Windows Phone 7 Handset Leaked To Video

HTC Windows Phone 7 Handset Leaked To Video">

If you’re not yet interested in a Windows Phone 7 handset, maybe this will change your mind. According to the folks at 247WindowsPhone, this is the HTC Schubert. As anyone can see from the video, this thing is gorgeous. It’s like a prettier, aluminium unibody version of the iPhone, right down to the one big button at the bottom of the phone.

The video doesn’t tell us much of anything about specs, though there is some stuff we can guess. For example, that thing that looks like a flash next to the camera lens is probably a flash, and the slight indentation near it is probably a microphone to improve sound quality when recording video. Luckily for the universe there is a 3.5 mm millimeter headphone jack at the top, along with appears to be another microphone and a hardware sleep button.

If this really is the Schubert, then we know for sure it’s coming to T-Mobile sometime this fall. If you want a carrier with more prospects of being in business in a few years, however, we can make no guarantees.

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